What about confidentiality?

It is normal for individuals to find it difficult to express their difficulties with someone they have not spoken to before. It is important to know that clients will be afforded courtesy, sensitivity and respect at all times. Clients will not be asked to discuss anything they do not wish to, although being as open as possible will allow the most to be gained from the experience.

All therapeutic work is strictly confidential. Information is not communicated to other professionals, or family members, without the client's consent. It is often useful and diplomatic for a client to let their GP know that they are seeing a psychologist. However, in cases where a client is at serious risk to themselves or others, Dr Bainbridge and Dr Jordan have a duty to contact the appropriate professional (e.g. G.P.) to prevent this harm occurring.

All clinical psychologists receive regular supervision of their clinical work which ensures that the highest standards of therapeutic care are provided. In supervision no information, such as name or address, will be knowingly used that could identify the client. Brief notes are made after each meeting.These are located in a locked cabinet. No one else has access to these notes. Clients can read their notes on written request.

As chartered clinical psychologists and members of the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council, Dr Bainbridge and Dr Jordan adhere to a strict code of professional conduct.