Arranging an appointment

People are often referred by their GP or by other professionals such as psychiatrists, medical consultants, solicitors, occupational health physicians and case managers. As part of York Clinical Psychology Centre, Dr Bainbridge and Dr Jordan prefer to receive a brief referral letter from the referrer before the first appointment, although this is not always necessary as self-referrals are often accepted.

The first appointment will last up to one hour and is designed to establish the client's problems and why they have come about.Time will also be spent thinking about what they hope to achieve from therapy. At the end of the assessment a shared decision is made about whether psychological therapy will be helpful and, if so, which type of approach is most suitable.

In most cases an initial block of six sessions is agreed upon, each lasting an hour, and these are generally weekly. After a review, a number of additional sessions may be agreed upon, and appointments made as required.